Brian Solis

Futurist & Best-Selling Author

Brian Solis is a world-renowned futurist, digital anthropologist, 8x best-selling author, and international keynote speaker. Brian serves as the Head of Global Innovation at ServiceNow where he advises customers on business and digital innovation and transformation strategies.

Brian has consistently been recognized as one of the world’s leading thinkers in innovation, business transformation, and emergent leadership for over two decades. He has authored of over 60 widely read research reports that explore the future of business and industries, disruptive technologies, and important consumer shifts.

Forbes has called him “one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time,” ZDNet said that Brian is “one of the 21st century business world’s leading thinkers,” and The Conference Board described Brian as “the futurist we all need now.”

Brian travels the world advising executives on innovation and transformation strategies . He has a unique gift of humanizing technology and business trends to make transformation and innovation purposeful, inspiring leaders to reimagine the future and motivate those around them.

With a loyal online audience of over 800,000 people online, his work makes him a sought-after thought-leader to leading brands, celebrities such as Oprah, Shaq ,and Ashton Kutcher, and startups around the world.