Adam Nelson

VP, Experiential Retail Design

Event Network

Adam Nelson is currently the Vice President of Experiential Retail Design at Event Network. He is an award-winning and published retail designer that has worked with some of the most distinguished cultural institutions in North America. During his tenure, he has worked with over 100 retail locations to create carefully-crafted brand experiences that drive earned revenue for critical programs. Currently, Adam is working with the Guggenheim on a redesigned and curated retail experience for the historic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum, boutique shops for hospitality brands that include the Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Fairmont, as well as a number of other shops in museums, gardens, zoos and aquariums. His multidisciplinary understanding of brand engagement, retail purpose, sustainability, profitability, merchandising systems, and construction processes gives him an unparalleled perspective of today’s retail environment needs.