Alan Cooke

Vice President of Design



Alan Cook was a featured speaker at RetailSpaces ’17. 

At SoulCycle, Alan specializes in new studio design and development, built environments and experiences, brick-and-mortar brand identity, design partnerships and collaboration, renovations and special projects, and general assistance in expansion oversight for SoulCycle. As a VP of Design at SoulCycle, Alan has helped to grow the brand from six studios to more than 80 over the last six years, including expansion into 15 new markets. He has evaluated hundreds of potential sites in multiple markets throughout the U.S. and abroad, developed strategic market-specific consulting networks, piloted cost-savings and streamlining programs, and managed an ever-expanding internal design-team including in-house acoustics consulting and engineering. Prior to SoulCycle, Alan was a project manager for the boutique luxury design firm SPaN and designed for clients such as Ian Schrager and Pringle of Scotland. Alan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Kentucky and is a registered architect in New York. Alan lives with his wife in Brooklyn.