Gabrielle Rosi

Senior Design Director

Whole Foods Market


Gabrielle Rosi was a featured speaker at RetailSpaces ’17.

 As the Senior Design Coordinator (Director) at Whole Foods Market, Gabrielle leads design development for new stores and remodels. With degrees in advertising and graphic design, she joined Whole Foods Market as an in-store team member in 1993 and over the last 23 years, has worked her way through any and all creative jobs. She oversees design for each unique store — interior architecture, environmental design, branding, fixturing and schematic planning. Gabrielle strives to create a store environment that relates to the communities in which her projects are anchored. She explores community-specific elements such as regional history, lifestyle choices, demographic comforts, and even gastronomic community needs. To implement these needs, she works collectively with the operations and product teams as well as architects and design consultants to achieve our shared fate vision. She serves on the Advisory Board of VMSD Magazine.

Gabrielle lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and 8-year-old daughter. She enjoys making a difference, challenging authority, supporting social justice in her community, baseball, and vacationing with her husband’s large family on Cape Cod every summer.