Heidi Guerard

Studio Design | Brand Design


Heidi has over ten years experience in design and development, with roles spanning over both visual and architectural design. She holds a BA in Art, a BBA in Marketing, and an MA in Interior Architecture. After starting her career in graphic design, she moved into architecture – designing spaces for a number of Michelin-starred restaurants and James Beard Award-winning chefs. She has consulted with national and international clients on brand strategy and prototyping, helping to position them for early stage and growth.

She served as Creative Director of DC-based &pizza, growing the brand from 2 to 30 shops and launching in new markets throughout the Mid Atlantic and New York City. Heidi currently leads Design and Development efforts for [solidcore], the fastest-growing company-owned boutique fitness brand in the US, on track to have a community of 70 studios by the end of this year.